Experts probe the challenges and potential of alternative fuels as Canada’s transportation sector transitions to zero emissions

What is the role of alternative fuels in Canada’s transportation future? Where are the bottlenecks to adoption of lower-carbon fuels and how can we overcome them? Electric Autonomy Canada’s three-part webinar series examines the issues

Clean Fuel Standard expected to spur new growth in Canada’s EV charging networks

With the federal government’s proposed plan to reduce transportation emissions targeted for a 2022 launch, policy experts say the CFS will boost electric vehicle sales by encouraging new investments in EV charging

Federal climate plan accelerates Canada towards a ZEV future

The government’s new climate plan contains a suite of policy measures aimed at advancing electric vehicle adoption — with some key parts hinging on coordination with the incoming Biden administration in the U.S.

Draft federal plan for clean fuel credit system omits 80 per cent of EV charging, carmakers and owners say

The exclusion in the Clean Fuel Standard means only “network charging” and relatively cleaner liquid fuel services will benefit from credits, missing an opportunity for rebates to invest in EV education and charging infrastructure, critics claim