Quebec firm brings Hyundai Nexo hydrogen vehicles to Montreal Grand Prix Festival to showcase green hydrogen

Charbone Hydrogen, a Quebec-based green hydrogen developer, chose Grand Prix weekend in Montreal to unveil three newly acquired Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles it will use to showcase green hydrogen mobility

High-rise headaches: EV charging in Canada’s condos, apartments and MURBs a mixed experience

Electric Autonomy’s cross-Canada guide to municipal building code regulations for EV charging in multi-unit residential buildings reveals a fragmented patchwork of standards with many cities and entire provinces missing-in-action

Quebec requires eight-fold increase in EV charging infrastructure to meet 2030 demand, says new ICCT report

An in-depth provincial analysis, with an additional close-up on the city of Montreal, highlights the scale of charging infrastructure needed to achieve EV adoption goals — both in Quebec and across the rest of Canada