Peter Vella
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The electric vehicle transition is a generational opportunity to rethink personal transportation design, but few automakers are stepping up. Is there a modern-day Ransom Olds or Henry Ford of EVs waiting in the wings?

Apr 25, 2023
11 minute read

For many reasons, Ford’s Lightning F-150 electric pickup truck could become a landmark in the transition to electric personal mobility in Canada. First, is its value compared to its internal-combustion siblings. Second, is Ford’s compelling history in this market sector, Peter Vella explains

Nov 18, 2021
8 minute read

For some time Volkswagen has been claiming that they will be “People’s Car of Electric Vehicles”. Peter Vella dives into why last week’s announcement of Canadian pricing for the ID.4 supports that

Apr 15, 2021
6 minute read

Where ICE owners talk engines, EV owners talk batteries. In the search for common ground, our correspondent proposes a new ratio — driving-distance-to-retail-price — to size up EVs

May 19, 2020
4 minute read

While saving energy, regenerative braking systems in electric vehicles have a second advantage — unlike conventional friction brakes, they don’t give off harmful airborne particles

Sep 11, 2019
5 minute read

It’s just 50 stations to start, but this year’s rollout underscores the palpable potential for petroleum suppliers in Canada to rethink their mission

Jun 26, 2019
6 minute read
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