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The Terra AC Wallbox allows us to continue electrifying Canada in a safe, smart and sustainable way, to reach our goals of a zero-emission mobility future, says ABB E-mobility

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ABB E-mobility is extending its product portfolio and officially launching its Terra AC Wallbox —a Level 2 charger with 32A, 40A and 80A configurations — in Canada. With 1,000,000 Level 2 chargers deployed worldwide, it’s now Canada’s turn to access the benefits of this advanced technology.

The Terra AC Wallbox is a smart, quick and safe Level 2 charging solution for home, fleets, public operators, commercial facilities, workplaces and multi-unit residential buildings. The Terra AC Wallbox delivers future-proof flexibility as well as advanced safety and protection.

In today’s world, one trend stands out above the rest: electrification. The wave of electrification is helping us redefine industries and reimagine the future of our planet. With connectivity and digital functionality, the Terra AC Wallbox is built to deliver optimized charging today and into the future.

ABB E-mobility’s goal is to create successful and sustainable tech solutions that meet clients’ desires for functionality, efficiency, accessibility and reliability.

The Terra AC Wallbox was designed with the customer in mind. Residential and commercial customers can configure these units through ABB’s mobile app within minutes. The installation can take less than 30 minutes and you will have full access to all features from the comfort of your home, making it one of the most user-friendly and accessible chargers available.

For utilities and public networks, operators will enjoy seamless integration to their backend system for monitoring, maintenance and billing and payment. Customers can trust their charging experience thanks to the HMI screen and the built-in metering system. Various modes of connection are available, including double ethernet ports, Wi-Fi and a 4G modem. This charger also comes with built-in protection functions which ensures safety standards without increasing the installation cost.

Fleet operators will benefit from the ability to integrate the AC Wallbox’s management software to their existing fleet systems. ABB E-mobility’s Terra AC Wallbox comes to market with charging levels for different applications and smart charging capabilities.

The functionality of the Terra AC Wallbox was expanded to meet the needs of the individual home user, by providing easy-to-use customizable features to cater to your daily needs. You can now choose to use the charger communication remotely and configure it using the free ABB apps.

The chargers come with built-in energy management functions, allowing you to install chargers while optimizing the cost of upgrading your electrical infrastructure, making charging available to all residents and commercial customers.

At ABB E-mobility, we want to support our customers and partners to enable energy efficiency and power a sustainable future for society with our products, solutions, and digital technologies.

EV charging has never been more accessible. Join us in challenging the convention, to think differently and to innovate.

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