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Experts from ABB, BC Hydro, PowerON, Signature Electric and Electric Autonomy discuss the process of setting up fleet depot charging infrastructure and the key factors of a successful implementation.

Topics covered include the key steps to planning and installing depot charging, including the costs to budget in, applying for grants, how to choose charging hardware (especially the mix of amp/kW and number needed for current and future fleet), how to maximize power on site and how to work with your utility when needed.

Also discussed: how the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP) funding application fits into fleets’ timelines and budgeting, plus charger maintenance and ongoing operations.


  • Moneeb Durrani, Director of Sales, Transit and Fleet at ABB E-Mobility Canada
  • Jason Scultety, Senior Key Account Manager, BC Hydro
  • Tyler Seed, Account Executive, PowerON Solutions
  • Mark Marmer, Founder & Executive Director, Signature Electric
  • Ilana Weitzman, VP of Strategic Development, Electric Autonomy (Moderator)