The Future of Automated Vehicles in Canada
The Future of Automated Vehicles in Canada


This report provides an overview for Transportation and Road Safety Ministries of the short‐, medium‐ and long‐term policy implications of the introduction of automated and connected vehicles (AVs/CVs) on public roads. The report identifies gaps, opportunities, and ways to encourage cooperation across Canada and internationally. Although the main focus of this report is on automated vehicles (AVs) and not connected vehicles (CVs), it should be recognized that connectivity and smart roadway infrastructure (SRI) are important aspects to realizing the full potential benefits of AV technology. This report identifies 10 varying, key issues to be addressed if Canada is to deploy AVs safely. Furthmore it recommends that governments across all levels work to:

  • Develop a National Policy Framework to ensure the safe deployment of AVs on public roads;
  • Continue to work closely with jurisdictions and international partners to align testing and regulatory frameworks, where necessary; and
  • Continue to promote and invest in industry and academia to test and evaluate AV technology on public roads before they are fully deployed.
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