Ottawa unveils national mandate to enforce ZEV sales targets

The long-awaited federal ZEV sales mandate for light-duty vehicles will require auto makers and importers to meet ZEV sales quotas aligned with federal targets — 20 per cent in 2026, 60 per cent in 2030 and 100 per cent in 2035

Canada’s emissions plan for 2030 targets to be released in spring 2022 as strategic consultations begin

The federal government is launching consultations to discuss ways to meet Canada’s emissions targets for 2030 including exploring a ZEV mandate and establishing a medium- and heavy-duty vehicle plan

Vancouver City Council rejects polluting vehicle tax proposal

After 10 months, two rounds of public engagements and several hours of public commentary and presentations, Vancouver city council scraps proposal to require a citywide residential parking permit and extra fees for polluting vehicles

Leading automotive manufacturers support 2035 ZEV target, discuss merits of “Buy Canada” policy

In the fifth episode of our discussion series on Canada’s potential to develop a national EV battery supply chain, expert panelists representing some of Canada’s most significant EV manufacturers call for additional ZEV targets for commercial vehicles

Canada mandates new car and passenger truck sales to be 100 per cent zero-emission by 2035

In a major announcement featuring three cabinet ministers in three provinces, the federal government says it is making 100 per cent ZEV sales mandatory by 2035 to meet Canada’s national net-zero targets, bringing the national market goal in line with Quebec and California pledges