promotional image of panelists for webinar titled 'Avoiding the storm: Creating a resilient and circular EV Supply Chain'

TrueCommerce-DiCentral and Electric Autonomy are pleased to invite you to a discussion on the unique attributes of the EV supply chain and steps towards resiliency

Adapting to change and cultivating meaningful partnerships is critical to building a resilient, synchronized, and successful electric vehicle supply chain. Agility, focus and execution are critical as demand, risk and scale determine who will thrive and who will become a casualty of electrification transition.

The past two years have taught us to always anticipate the unexpected, honor customer commitments and identify opportunities to build dynamic relationships with trading partners, suppliers and customers.

Trust and transparency across the supply chain is table stakes.

How should leading EV manufacturers and suppliers come together in a way that enables real-time communication and quick reaction to digital disruptions as they happen?

In this discussion, panelists will explore the challenges and opportunities of a circular EV supply chain, what is needed to scale up, and the game changing role of technology and data as we anticipate the next storm.


  • Eva Ames, Vice President, Electrification & Mobility Competence Center, DSV
  • Jarred Knecht, President, ProEV, a division of Electrical Components International
  • John Laughlin, Chief Technology Officer, NGen (Next Generation Manufacturing Canada)
  • Shawn McEwen, Regional Vice President, TrueCommerce-DiCentral
  • Nino Di Cara, President, Electric Autonomy Canada (Moderator)

Tuesday June 28th, 2022
1pm ET / 10am PT

This event has now concluded, you can read a summary of the event in our article, EV industry experts discuss supply chain collaboration, waste-not culture and innovation, or watch the full webinar on Youtube with the link below.

Can’t make the live discussion?

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