Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Work in Canada
Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Work in Canada


From the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, technology has been impacting, shaping and recalibrating various aspects of our lives and our societies, while making us more resourceful, informed, and more resilient in the process. While just one example of this change, autonomous vehicles (AVs) use technological innovations including LIDAR, 5G, and artificial intelligence to reinvent the way we think of mobility and driving. Possessing the capacity to steer economic growth around the world, AVs are estimated to be the driving force behind the demand for more than 34,000 high-quality jobs over the next five years in Canada.
This report provides a synopsis of the impending impacts that autunomous road-based passenger vehicles will have on Canada's economy and the job market. The report is the result of a combination of the most recent secondary data, covering topics like in-demand occupations, employment rates, wages and others; complimented with a thorough literature review of the most recent and relevant studies, as well as primary literature gathered through interviews and advisory groups with leaders and experts in the field.

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